Paris Air Show 2017

Fischer Connectors, the worldwide innovator in push-pull circular connectors and cable assembly solutions, will showcase its innovative products designed to meet customers’ growing needs for faster, more powerful and smaller solutions in aerospace applications at the International Paris Air Show (19-25 June).

On Fischer Connectors’ stand (D165, Hall 4), visitors can discover the new Fischer MiniMax™ Series USB 3.0 and the new Fischer UltiMate™ Series Power and get a preview of the new LP360 wearable connectivity technology. These innovations also come with Fischer Connectors’ recently published White Paper on Data Transmission, packed with useful data to help customers make informed choices.

Working closely with customers to address their pain points, Fischer Connectors continues to push the limits of innovation with these new products:

A new ultra-miniature USB 3.0 connector in the Fischer MiniMax™ Series

The lightweight, high-density Fischer MiniMaxTM Series has been extended with a new dedicated USB 3.0 contact block in the 08 size connector, a robust, IP68-sealed solution that meets needs for even faster signal speeds, higher performance and greater functionality in small devices. With a multiple combination of signal and power contacts and three locking systems, it is small, light and easy to use.

It is being used, for example, in miniature computers to replace standard input/output connectors and achieve full compliance with demanding USB 3.0 data protocols, and high-performance cameras used outdoors in harsh environments to ensure a rugged, sealed interface from the camera to the recoding unit.

A new high-power connectivity solution in the Fischer UltiMate™ Series

The ultra-rugged, compact Fischer UltiMateTM Series has been extended with two high-power configurations, thus improving the power supply alongside signals. It enables the full integration of UltiMate connectors into all applications, offering even more flexibility with new configurations of 2x contacts of 26A each or 3x contacts of 16A each, both combined with 3x signal contacts.

With IP68/69 or hermetic sealing, and 360°C EMC shielding, it is able to withstand high levels of shock, vibration, corrosion and temperature extremes more than 10,000 mating cycles. It is being used, for example, in a new field radio, jointly developed by Fischer Connectors and a key customer, to optimise power connectivity.

A breakthrough wearable connectivity technology, fully cleanable

The new rugged LP360 connector is low profile, allowing for easy integration into clothing and 360° mating to optimise cable management. By eliminating the keycode, it can be mated, routed and plugged in any direction, ensuring that the cable can always go straight to the device. Fully cleanable on the receptacle and plug side, it is easy to use and maintain. It can be used, for example, in pilot suits and tactical vests to avoid twists and turns in the cables, eliminate tangles, reduce clutter and improve usability, making equipment lighter and faster to set up.

During the tradeshow, visitors will be able to discover rugged fibre-optic solutions, the Fischer FiberOptic Series. The Series is available with 1, 2 or 4 fibres or in a hybrid version, and ensures premium optical performance even in harsh environments. With IP68 sealing (mated) or IP67 (unmated) and APC and UPC polishing, the FiberOptic connectors are easy to mate, maintain and clean on the move. They can be used, for example, in structural control, vibration and temperature sensing or flight control systems such as the fly-by-light (FBL) control system for high-speed data transmission and for immunity to electromagnetic interference.

White Paper on Data Transmission helps engineers make informed choices

Given the increasing application requirements for data transmission at connectivity level, design engineers must understand the different protocols and the available data when it comes to test results. In its recently published White Paper on Data Transmission, Fischer Connectors provides detailed information on how its connectors and cable assembly solutions perform in HDMI, Ethernet and USB tests.

Showcased applications: drones and electric airplanes

With a growing market presence in the civil and military aviation markets, Fischer Connectors is developing partnerships that focus on meeting current and future market needs, especially for innovative, low weight, high performance applications, such as in unmanned aerial vehicle and electric airplanes.

Visitors to Fischer Connectors’ stand can discover two drone applications developed by its customers, namely Lehmann Aviation’s modular drone, and DSDI’s long-range endurance drone – both of which chose its connectivity solutions to enhance their weight/performance ratio. They can also find out more about Fischer Connectors’ Official Partnership with SolarStratos, a solar-powered plane designed to fly into the stratosphere in 2019.