Cobham first high-power spiral antenna

Cobham Antenna Systems is pleased to announce the FPA-0.7-2.7R / 2319, the first in a new range of high-power, directional spiral antennas.

The FPA-0.7-2.7R / 2319 offers high-power, high-gain and circular polarisation within a compact, low profile, rugged housing. It is suitable for multi-band communications as well as cellular countermeasure and security applications.

The low profile housing means that this antenna can be used to replace much larger and more expensive, Log-Periodic, Horn or Conical spiral antennas and also be used in situations where height / profile is critical.

The FPA-0.7-2.7R/2319 covers the frequency range 700MHz to 2.7GHz and has a beamwidth of 60° x 60°. It has a peak gain of 10dBiC and has been designed to handle up to 150W (with the potential of operating efficiently at much higher power).

The combination of high-power and high-gain means that a very significant Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) can be generated to increase signal strength to overload any hostile system at greater distance.

The narrow beamwidth helps to ensure that the disruptive signals are targeted where they need to be, while reducing the effect on friendly areas.

Providing circular polarisation ensures that the antenna will ‘couple’ with any polarised linear signal, giving more chance of disrupting hostile systems.