Brigadier Ahmed Habib Al-Mismari visits the FAUN Trackway stand

The new year got off to a roaring start for FAUN Trackway after the team were honoured by a visit from the new Libyan Air Force Chief of Staff.

Brigadier Ahmed Habib Al-Mismari visited the Trackway stand at the International Exhibition of the Libyan Ministry of Interior, the security and protection trade show, in Tripoli in January 2013.

Representatives were at the event to discuss FAUN Trackway’s suite of portable mobility products and found there to be much interest in our roadway solutions, such as the new Adjustable Ground Mobility System (AGMS) and the Helicopter Landing Mat (HLM).

Brigadier Mismari was appointed on 12 January as temporary replacement for the head of the Libyan Air Force and we were pleased to receive a visit so soon into his tenure.