After four months of hard work, the Trackway team are pleased to announce the arrival of the new US website.

Replicating the style of its UK presence – which has received significant praise since it was launched at DSEI last year – the revamped US version has been developed to facilitate access through multiple devices, being both mobile and tablet optimised.

To best demonstrate Trackway’s extensive product portfolio, there are more videos and photo galleries than before, as well as new brochures available free to download.

Latest stories from the newsroom are featured on the homepage, alongside upcoming events and exhibitions, which means it’s easier to keep up-to-date with the latest activities.

Elsewhere, an expanded ‘About us’ section runs users through a brief timeline of Trackway’s history – from its conception as Laird Anglesey in 1940 to the world-leading producer of portable roadways and runways today – while the ‘Contact us’ page introduces the US team.

At FAUN Trackway US the company have always striven to be ahead of the curve online. It was one of the first amongst its peers to embrace social media, having had a presence on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook channels for a number of years.

This new-look US website helps to link FAUN’s social and corporate worlds together to make it even easier for to connect with them. Have a look at and tell FAUN your thoughts by tweeting @FAUNTrackwayUSA or visting the FAUN Trackway US page on Facebook.