FAUN Trackway will be launching its latest innovation, a multi-role packaging solution for its range of expedient helipads at the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) in Fairford, Gloucestershire from 17 – 19 July.

The prototype packaging solution is based on a 10ft ISO container, which can be transported by helicopter enabling expeditionary, humanitarian and relief personnel to access all the equipment and tools necessary to build a 15m by 15m helipad.

The container can then be used as an operational base when the helipad has been deployed. The container is fitted with power, air conditioning, and secure working and storage space. It can also be configured to include two sleeping spaces and be used offshore.

The container is designed to be compatible with both the PSA and PSA-R helipad variants, both designed by FAUN Trackway to create stable, temporary landing surfaces, and the modular structure enables the panels to be laid in varying configurations to accommodate different helicopters.

Aerospace Wales will be using the solution to support the show at RIAT; the helipad will be deployed to enable showcase helicopters to land and the packaging as an operations centre for airfield crew.

FAUN Trackway CEO Chris Kendall said: "After extensive consultations with a number of clients, along with the UN, this technology has been developed to add versatility to both expeditionary and civilian operations.

"There is a need in the market for a solution that can offer additional operational features to those active in remote areas; the Helipad Multi-Role Packaging Solution can be used as both a landing area and a temporary base, which will be particularly valuable in places where infrastructure has been damaged or is non-existent.

"As one of the world’s leading defence shows, and one that we’re a proud sponsor of, we thought RIAT would be the perfect place for our launch and we’re pleased to be able put the new solution into practice to support the event."

The air-conditioning system used in the prototype was donated by Dantherm, a provider of ventilation and dehumidification solutions based in Skive, Denmark, and the helipad lighting by Metalite Aviation Lighting Systems, a manufacturer of portable airfield lighting systems, based in Poole, Dorset.

FAUN Trackway’s HLM is a system of interlocking, military-grade aluminium panels that can be laid where it is not practical or feasible to install permanent infrastructure, supporting armed forces mobility needs in remote operations. It was designed in conjunction with the UK Royal Engineers and is available in a variety of sizes to provide a solid landing foundation for all helicopter types. It is portable and can easily be deployed manually.

RIAT showcases the world’s largest military air show, with more than 130,000 visitors each year.