Some of the greatest inventions are the simplest ones, and this statement holds true for the latest product development to come from FAUN TRACKWAY.

Through the addition of a simple centring strip to our MLC (Medium Load Classification) 70 Trackway, users are able to ensure they are travelling along the middle of the temporary roadway.

The adaptation follows feedback from one of our clients, who mentioned that in adverse weather conditions such as very sandy or snowy environments, the edges of the Trackway could become covered, making it difficult to gauge a vehicle’s position on the matting.

The company’s design engineers came up with an intermittent central marker added at the end of every 5m interlocking aluminium panel that will stop drivers from straying too far to the edge.

With only a small amendment in the manufacturing process, the result is added value for the customer at no extra cost.

Engineering supervisor Gareth Williams, said: "Listening to feedback from our clients, we have been able to respond to their needs with a small, effective adaption to a proven product, helping them to keep on track and further aiding their mobility."