Extraspace Industries have recently supplied a large quantity of ballistic resistant (bullet proof) guard houses to a major oilfield in Iraq.

The buildings, 24 in total, have been selected from the standard Kibo focus range and the client selected four different smaller sizes of buildings providing floor areas of 2.25², 3.6², 4.5²p and 8m² each. The buildings will be positioned at various locations on the site to provide protection to security guards and for use as security control rooms.

The buildings were all delivered to site in standard shipping containers and were ready for almost instant use once unloaded, requiring only connection to an electrical supply. The units are fitted as standard with air-conditioning and heating, lighting, interphone, internal and external lighting, a public address system and gun ports to enable the guards to use their weapons in complete safety.

The Kibo products as supplied by Extraspace come from a range of standard ballistic resistant buildings that are used as sentry boxes, guard houses, safe havens, control rooms, multi occupation accommodation units and are supplied either as single standalone buildings or as modular units that can be assembled to form large single or two storey structures of infinite size.

The smaller sentry boxes can also be provided as trailer-mounted or air portable mobile units for rapid deployment.

The minimum ballistic resistance of the buildings conforms to NIJ Level IV/ Nato B7 (7.62mm AP armour piercing ammunition) but can be increased to stop 12.7mm/0.50 FMJ calibre rounds if required. Additional protection against rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) is also available. Kibo products also comply with the oil industry’s API 752 and API 753 recommended practice.

The materials used are tested in NATO approved laboratories and the products carry a Nato stock number (NSN) and a US CAGE code.