Expal and Proytecsa sign agreement to collaborate and offer a full range of hi-tech solutions for defence

EXPAL Systems is a leader in IEDD and EOD solutions, developing, manufacturing and integrating a wide portfolio of products and services, including clearance of terrains and soil remediation works. EXPAL Systems has been working in solutions for the defence and security industries for the last 70 years.

Proytecsa Security is the company of reference in ROVs technology for the security and defence industry. The company cooperates closely with ministries, defence forces and law enforcement agencies designing and producing hi-tech solutions for more than 25 years.

EXPAL managing director Pedro Sallent agrees that ‘this alliance between EXPAL Systems and Proytecsa Security allows us to provide solutions demanding requests in EOD / IED activities. These integrated and global solutions consider ROVs, analysis and neutralisation technology for Armed Forces.

In the words of Proytecsa CEO Rafael Solís, ‘this agreement raises new challenges and opportunities to keep developing technology and high-quality solutions for the defence industry.’

This agreement includes products and services for use in police and military operations to defuse improvised explosive devices (IED) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), as well as for CBRN activities. These solutions allow to analyse possible threats and to neutralise them increasing safety in this operations.