Aimed at providing integral defence and security solutions for the Australian Armed Forces, EXPAL has showcased its range of defence and security systems and services at the PACIFIC 2015 exhibition in Sydney, Australia.

EXPAL develops and produces a wide and complete range of high performance ammunition in order to meet the needs of worldwide armies and security forces.

EXPAL has more than 100 years of experience and knowledge in ammunition manufacturing processes and a commitment towards R&D and innovation.

This has enabled it to constantly improve its products and services. In addition, EXPAL tailors its solutions and adapts them to each client’s requirements and scenarios.

EXPAL’s experience and capacities in the development, manufacturing and maintenance of weapon systems and ammunition has allowed it to become a worldwide leader in demilitarisation solutions.

All demilitarization services are carried out following EXPAL’s in-house developed procedures and processes based on safety, environment protection and quality standards, while complying with international regulation.

EXPAL’s recycling rates are above 95% and its proprietary processes enable the energetic material to be reused in the civil explosives industry.