EDIC unveils Barij Munitions

Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC) the region’s premier integrated national defence services and manufacturing platform has announced a custom company specialising in providing world-class ammunition products and services called Barij Munitions.

Barij Munitions establishment is to be a manufacturer of all ranges of ammunition, ranging from small-arm ammunitions, infantry ammunitions, artillery ammunitions and air craft ammunitions. Therefore, Barij is set to play an increasingly important role in the ammunition manufacturing industry in the UAE.

"Barij Munitions vision is to be a leader in ammunition development by delivering cutting-edge products and services to better serve the UAE Armed Forces," said CEO Abdulateef Al Butih. He also added that adhering to international standards of safety and quality through automation and manufacturing using world-class practices is Barij Munitions top priority.

Barij Munitions is supported by qualified expertise that develops Emirati capabilities in a high-skilled industry with dynamic career opportunities. Barij Munitions is a key component in strengthening the UAE’s defence industry, giving it a greater capacity to support the transfer of technology and expertise, as well as support the ammunition manufacturing industry needs.

Barij, with its qualified expertise, has many services such as demilitarisation to safely dispose of munitions facilities, dismantling ammunition, cutting projectile, removal of explosives from projectiles and disposal of both rocket moto and smoke ammunitions.

Barij also offers screening services and different testing to examine different types of ammunition and materials, such as mortars, artillery shells, grenades and smoke generators.

Within Barij’s portfolio there are laboratories certified and licensed by the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates and holds ISO 17025 certification. This includes a chemical laboratory that provides technical support and manufacturing requirements for quality testing of all explosives, environmental analysis of wastewater and monitoring air quality and an X-ray laboratory that is accredited and licensed by Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation / Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation.

The X-ray laboratory is equipped with a device Linear Accelerator 9 MeV and digital imaging system available for non-destructive testing, which can provide digital images to scan the components of ammunition bodies, as well as an imaging system that can check multiple types of artillery shells, aircraft bombs and rocket motors.