Electrothermal's RAK units improve quality of life for militaries worldwide

Bibby Scientific announced that leading manufacturer of robust field and laboratory technologies Electrothermal® now has more than 20,000 combat-tested RAK 15/30 units in military use worldwide, which have been installed into support and frontline vehicles, including the Abrams M1A1, Bradley LAV and M109 Paladin.

These RAK products are advanced water / ration heaters that are essential within the field to improve the quality of life for soldiers worldwide.

The development of new robust technology and innovations is essential for the military to ensure maximum protection for soldiers and ultimately to improve the quality of their lives. Electrothermal’s RAK water and ration heaters provide potable hot water and heat up meals ready to eat (MREs) for personnel whether under combat conditions, on patrol, or back at base.

These robust instruments can be installed in armoured vehicles, patrol boats, and support vehicles. They have proved highly beneficial in the recent war in Afghanistan, ensuring that vehicles stay on the move, as there is no need to stop for water and food, consequently making the vehicles less vulnerable to attacks.

The RAK units have been designed to withstand the rigours within the field and have been comprehensively tested to meet military standard specification MIL-PRF-44466D. Additionally the RAK 15, which is well known amongst the forces as the ‘B.V. Morale Booster’ is certified for food heating, meeting NSF ANSI 4-2013.

RAK 15 operates on 15 amps and is designed for installation in tanks and trucks, whilst RAK 30 uses 30 amps to heat faster and is designed for the Marines and Special Forces. Both units remain cool-to-touch when in operation with a low thermal signature, which is critically important for maintaining discretion during military operations.

"Electrothermal recognises the importance of maintaining both the fluid and nutritional intakes of military personnel at optimum levels," said Electrothermal product manager Antony Wozniak.

"We are committed to offering the highest quality products and have been providing reliable, robust equipment for more than 60 years."