Eagle 108

Phantom Technologies has launched its latest Jamming Solution. An Innovative Technology designed for the Detection and Jamming of Drones.

The increasing usage of Drones and Quadcopters, as well as the Technological Advancements exposes a new breed of potential threats.

Our Eagle 108 Tactical Jammer has been designed to neutralize Unauthorized Drones / Quadcopters from entering a secured field / campus / Sport event.

The system scans using an array of directional Antennas, a Passive Detection with no Radar.

Once a Threat is detected, an Automatic Command to the Jamming Unit blocks all Radio Communication Channels. Forcing the Drone to drift away and lose communication with its operator.

The Detection Radius is of over 1km and Jamming Radius is up to 2km.

To get a sense of how the system works…click here for the video:

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