The DVS driving system is a bolt-on upgrade to existing or new vehicles and is simple to fit with the sensor package mounted onto the outside of the vehicle. The only item penetrating the armour is the cable carrying the power and images with the driver viewing the image via a pair of head mounted spectacles. The system operates over the range of 900nm to 1,700nm, provides a wide field of view and according to the system specified may be from 120° upto 180°. The field of view is distortion-free even at the edges of the image.

The 120° field of view system consists of a two short wave infrared (SWIR) cameras with the images edged matched to provide a continuous distortion-free image. The imager is in real time and allows the vehicle to be driven at the speeds compatible with the terrain. Wider fields of view are available using three or four cameras. A four camera system provides a full 180° of vision thus also helping with perimeter surveillance.

The use of SWIR provides full 24hr operation from full sun to starlight. In situations where the scene illumination falls below starlight there are two 1,550nm head lights, fitted in place of the two IR headlamps. These provide illumination over the field of view up to a range in excess of 200m.The 1,550nm wavelength at which these operate means they are invisible to existing battle field sensors, such as standard direct view systems, image intensified goggles or similar, MWIR and LWIR. Therefore using the 1,550nm head lights still enables the vehicle to remain covert.