LumiSafe Ltd, based in Bristol, in the South West of England, has provided train company Heathrow Express with 366 Cyalume Model 4 LightStations as part of the rail provider’s £15m investment directed at the upgrading of their fleet.

The rolling stock is the pride of the Heathrow Express re-launch, with the goals of adding value, increasing comfort and providing
exemplary service. The enhancements mirror an airline experience whilst complying with forthcoming safety standards which are due introduction in 2019.

The £33,000 supply contract is significant recognition for LumiSafe Ltd, which only became a Cyalume UK distributor late last year. The contract for the LightStations initially required two months of international communication between the Cyalume Headquarters in the USA, the Cyalume European Site in France and the Heathrow Express designers and project managers, namely Interfleet Technology and RailCare Ltd, a task at which LumiSafe Ltd acted as the means of connection for all parties to meet Heathrow Express requirements and standards.

The five month supply contract was confirmed in January 2012 to meet the rolling stock refurbishment program at Railcare’s Wolverton Plant. The first completed train was launched on 28 May 2012.

Emergency lightsticks provide four hours of light and can be seen through smoke Emergency LightStations for the Heathrow Express trains The Cyalume Model 4 LightStations are designed to provide a safe and dependable source of light during emergency situations or power outages.

Filled with four-hour yellow teninch Snaplight lightsticks that are portable and can be seen through smoke and distances of up to one mile, they provide an important secondary emergency lighting system to projects such as the refurbishment for Heathrow Express.

As well as the Cyalume LightStations, the safety theme continues as much of the Heathrow Express investment has been spent on increasing safety for passengers on board. New features include addition of anti slip flooring, door pillars, step lighting, changes to push button height and grab handle shape, and contrasting door surrounds and carpet thresholds for higher visibility.

Dan Smith, head of engineering at Heathrow Express, says: "Heathrow Express was built with airline business travellers in mind. This recent wave of investment means the fleet is years ahead in terms of safety compliancy and continues to lead the way in terms of on-board innovation and technology. We also want to ensure that experience of travelling on Heathrow Express continues to be exemplary, especially in this important year for London."

The Cyalume LightStation supply contract for Heathrow Express adds to LumiSafe Ltd’s growing portfolio of satisfied customers using the Cyalume chemiluminescent safety product portfolio. Director, Joe Thorndyke, says: "LumiSafe Ltd is proud to have been able to support this significant piece of refurbishment work for Heathrow Express."