Latest innovations with Dyneema, made by customers in protective equipment for law enforcement personnel will be on display on the DSM Dyneema stand B43 at GPEC 2012, the seventh General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference taking place in Leipzig on 11-13th September.

GPEC is Europe’s leading specialized trade fair intended exclusively for members of law enforcement and military authorities, with a strong focus is on police equipment and special technologies, safety technology and services.

DSM Dyneema, the inventor and producer of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber and Unidirectional (UD), branded as Dyneema®, will demonstrate proven products made by its customers. These material applications are especially developed for use in products to protect police and special forces, guards, and security-related personnel, and are all certified according to strict German specifications covering ballistic protection armour, including Schutzklasse edition October 2008.

Dyneema® material is widely applied in ballistic vests, inserts and helmets, where its combination of outstanding mechanical strength and low weight can be taken advantage of to produce protective equipment that is highly effective and comfortable to wear. Products are based on soft ballistic (SB) systems developed for use in vests and to provide protection against handgun ammunition, fragments and knives; and hard ballistic (HB) systems, intended for anti-ballistic inserts, shields and helmets, and providing protection against higher threats.

"Germany is an important market for DSM Dyneema," says Dirk Louwers, Marketing Manager Life Protection. "At GPEC 2012, we are very happy to be able to display some of the most innovative and successful pieces of protective equipment with Dyneema®, developed by our customers."

DSM Dyneema will further demonstrate the performance capabilities of protective equipment with Dyneema® material in two technical and peer-reviewed papers to be presented at PASS 2012, the biennial Personal Armour Systems Symposium this year being held in Nuremberg on September 17-21st. The first paper will show how armour made with Dyneema® retain its properties, even after exposure to temperatures as high as 90°C; the second will demonstrate how ballistic articles with Dyneema® subjected to real-time ageing retain the ballistic resistance specified in the design phase.

Please feel welcome to visit us at stand B43 in Hall 2, or on our website: