Cristanini decontamination and detoxification systems for CBRN protection

During past decades, requirements for CBRN Protection have changed drastically. Nowadays, not only are rogue states threatening the world with potential catastrophic consequences, but terrorist cells and individuals also have capabilities to attack our society.

Media reports become more and more frequent about the use of chemical agents in Aleppo, Syria. Although, Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile was destroyed under the supervision of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). It is very likely that the IS got or will get their hands on mustard gas or other CBRN threats.

"Continued use of chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria, which we condemn, further underscores the evolving and increasing WMD threat to the Alliance." Warsaw Summit Communiqué: Press Release (2016) 100 Issued on 9 July

This posts an immediate threat on the western world especially after the terror attacks of Brussels and Paris. Thus, major international organisations and governments have to rethink their security agendas to insure rapid and efficient response to CBRN incidents, as well as public safety organisations. This is what CRISTANINI offers.

Over the years, CRISTANINI has earned a worldwide reputation for excellent products, approved and certified by international research laboratories and high-ranking public and private institutions, and agencies. Approximately 30 patents validate the state-of-the-art research and development. This has happened expectedly, because it is the result of creative and innovative work. A brilliant team is researching for new solutions to highly complex scientific, technological and engineering problems.

CRISTANINI systems join reliable, ruggedised and simple systems with just one multispectral decontamination / detoxification product. BX 24 is highly effective against chemical and biological warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and emerging natural diseases.

The range of decontaminants that CRISTANINI offer has expanded. Complimenting products such as BX 40, for the decontamination of radiological contaminated exterior of aircrafts and helicopters have been developed, as well as BX 29 for personnel decontamination and SX 34, a decontaminant for sensitive equipment including detectors and aircraft cockpits. Our latest development is named LDV-X, a decontamination solution for critical infrastructure and confined spaces, such as aircraft interiors or metro stations.

In addition, CRISTANINI provides the sophisticated BX30: a product specifically designed to be used in training exercises. Providing a safe and environmental friendly option to prepare CBRN Taskforces for the worst case.

The SANIJET C.921 is at the heart of all of our CBRN decontamination and detoxification systems. There is a wide range of models to respond specifically to each operational need. The same general features, particular the ability for autonomous work (using any type of fuel) units all of our models, even under extreme weather conditions ranging from -20°C to 50°C.

In addition to the vastly sophisticated decontamination equipment, CRISTANINI offers a unique kind of mobile laboratory: the Independent Mobile Field Laboratory (IMFL) is meant to be used in contaminated areas and under adverse weather conditions to enable the fast identification of chemical and biological agents.

However, the IMFL is not the one and only option for rapidly deployed, autonomous operating identification of CBRN agents CRISTANINI has to offer: The Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) for CBRN Recce, Survey & Scene Assessment convinces with its high mobility, immediate detection of CBRN agents, and maximised safety against CBRN threats, as well as ballistic protection.

We aim to increase security for people and the environment in case of CBRN contaminations. Aimed to achieving this goal, CRISTANINI contributes actively, every year, to the most relevant CBRN events around the world, such as conferences, symposia, exhibitions, meetings and presentations, ensuring extreme flexibility and listening, with the best professionalism, to all of those wishing to work with us.