Demand for medium tanks is increasing. At IDEX 2013 CMI Defence and Doosan DST presented a new 120/105mm medium tank concept. The system integrates the Cockerill XC-8 turret and the Doosan K21 IFV chassis. With a system weight of some 25t, the concept offers advanced 120mm or 105mm firepower with high operational flexibility and tactical mobility.

The Cockerill XC-8 is a low-weight concept-turret that recognises divergent market requirements; specifically for the broad operational flexibility demanded by the medium-tank requirement, and for the narrower, more specialised anti-armour requirement. Thus one of two low-recoil force guns may be fitted in the XC-8.

  • The Cockerill 105mm high pressure gun provides commanders with a wide choice of ammunition to suit the tactical situation; it fires all NATO-standard 105mm types and the Cockerill Falarick 105 Gun Launched Anti Tank Guided Missile (GLATGM). Elevating to +42° this weapon delivers exceptional engagement capability in complex terrain, an indirect-fire HE capability to 10km range, and the GLATGM permits heavy armour to be enagaged at extended ranges
  • The Cockerill 120mm high pressure gun provides a strengthened anti-armour capability. This weapon fires all NATO-standard 120mm smoothbore ammunition and the Cockerill Falarick 120 GLATGM, which permits the effective engagement and penetration of heavy armour to beyond 5km range

Both guns are employed using a common high performance, digital, fully-stabilised, day/night weapon control system. Turret weight is kept low through the use of a bustle-mounted autoloader, which permits a two-person crew. The Cockerill XC-8 concept-turret draws on the proven modular technology of the Cockerill CT-CV 105HP turret and may be realised at low risk.

The Doosan K21 IFV chassis represents the latest-generation of vehicle technology. In service with the Republic of Korea, the K21 offers outstanding tactical mobility through the use of hydro-pneumatic suspension, a 750HP powerpack and advanced running-gear design. Tactical mobility and flexibility is further enhanced by the vehicle’s ability to swim without assistance at full combat weight. A high-capacity digital data-infrastructure permits the functional integration of the driver with the turret crew by using shared imagery and control. The same architecture permits straightforward through-life upgrade and low obsolesence risk.

The combination of the Cockerill XC-8 concept-turret with the Doosan K21 chassis promises a significant advance in terms of medium-weight direct-fire capability. The combination of highly effective and flexible lethality options with outstanding strategic and tactical mobility, opens up a new range of operational possibilities.