Swedish CBRN Academy, Swedish Rescue Training Centre and Lutra Associates Limited Team Win First Contract

The recently announced dhemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence (CBRN) training and consultancy team formed by Swedish CBRN Academy (SCA), Swedish Rescue Training Centre (SRTC) and Lutra Associates Limited (LAL) has won its first contract.

The team was selected to provide CBRN close protection and decontamination training to the national security forces of an unnamed Nato country through a prime contractor that was delivering a wider package of equipment and services.

For obvious reasons the country does not wish to be named, but the training involved national police and defence resources.

This initial training was run in-country and consisted of practical work to ensure that the selected protection officers involved are capable of reducing the risk to their VIPs prior to an attack. This is achieved by carrying out threat assessments and risk reduction drills, and then dealing with an attack should one occur with rapid protective and remedial actions.

The aim of the training was to give a basic introduction to the concepts, skills and responses required to allow a further assessment to be made as to what follow up training will also take place.

Speaking from Skövde SCA chief executive Johan Carlqvist said: "By delivering this contract at short notice, we demonstrated the speed and rapid reaction that groups of small companies can provide when dealing with a request for urgent action.

"The training delivered by Strongpoint was thorough, effective and very much appreciated by the students who recognised the obvious expertise of the training team."

The training was facilitated by SCA and SRTC and carried out by Lutra through Strongpoint Security.

Commenting on the contract from Stalbridge Lutra chief executive Tim Otter said: "I am delighted for the team that we have won this first contract, as it demonstrated the wide depth of experience and skills that reside within the team.

"This country, like many others has suddenly realised, that they had not addressed the CBRN threat with sufficient money or vigour over the past few years.

"They have now started to take positive steps to rectify the problem. We are delighted to provide low-cost, high-quality advice across the CBRN spectrum to enable them to do so."

Commenting on the training course Strongpoint managing director Dan Kaszeta said: "The students were excellent, keen and motivated, extremely interested and professional. This allowed us to build on the excellent facilitation SCA and SRTC managed so that the course went smoothly and the students gained the absolute maximum from the training time available."