S&T July PR

S&T defence recently demonstrated the rapid deployment capabilities of the combat net radio integration suite (COMMS2), the Battle Eye System (BES) and a JTAC trainer at the Bulgarian 34750 unit in Karlovo. The army was so impressed with the results, they let S&T’s Bulgarian partner publish the test results, along with a personal acknowledgement of achievements.

All units from the Bulgarian armed forces use different types of radios (CNR). They use them for voice communications and to exchange data. The unit 34750, situated in the town of Karlovo, is equipped with Harris CNR, which possess IP data communication ability, and an RS232 serial interface for data communications as well. The purpose of those tests was to demonstrate the ability to transfer data between different levels of the military structure, to demonstrate a new C2 system (BES) and to showcase the trainer simulators, based on VBS-2 VTK.

Based on COMMS2 drivers the following data transfers were demonstrated and proven to work:

  • Local communication (between same radio network)
  • Communication between different networks
  • Ping (local and broadcast)
  • Sending and receiving e-mails
  • File transfer

Based on the BES, the following tests were proven successful:

  • Local tactical communications (on one radio network)
  • Tactical communication between networks
  • BFT (Blue Force Tracking)
  • COP (Common Operational Picture Sharing)

The trainer simulators based on VBS-2 VTK were also shown.