The new SCOUT SV armoured fighting vehicle developed for the British Army by General Dynamics UK will be equipped with high-performance LED lights designed by Oxley Group, with advanced protection against electromagnetic interference.

The Group has secured an order worth more than £1m from General Dynamics European Land Systems, a sub-contractor on the programme, to supply ultra-compact, low-profile, dual-mode interior lights and map ‘task’ lights for the vehicles.

The total order will see thousands of lights delivered, including DC Combi LED interior lights and Gooseneck task lights. The space-saving DC Combi LED light provides vital advantages within the confines of an armoured vehicle. Unique in its low-profile design, the Oxley DC Combi delivers white light plus an integrated blackout mode.

The ‘Gooseneck’ map lights have been developed by Oxley to provide rugged and flexible task lighting designed to meet the toughest military standards; they incorporate state-of-the-art LED technology to provide a light with outstanding tolerance for vibration and shock. The lights are dimmable and NVIS-friendly with dual-mode controls.

Oxley Group is alone in meeting the latest British Army standards EMC Def Stan 59-411 Land Service class A & B and DEF-STAN 61-5 PART 6 ISSUE 6 required for SCOUT SV.

DC Combi lights incorporate class-leading EMC characteristics as standard but that capability was further refined to deliver higher levels of EMC and circuit protection to meet the demanding specifications of the customer. The new SCOUT SV platforms will carry a huge array of high-specification electronic equipment, which means that advanced Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is essential for the lights, as it prevents interference with other mission-critical equipment.

Excellent light quality from the white LEDs and 16 tactical mode LEDs, together with the build standard of the driver board electronics provide true long-life and consistency in performance of the LEDs. This is matched with rugged casing, which makes the Oxley DC Combi a ‘fit and forget’ option that outperforms any other comparable product. The extended working life, typically 50,000hr, dramatically reduces replacement, maintenance, disposal and labour costs compared with existing lighting technology.

The lighting system was an integral part of the vehicle acceptance, and the final UK MoD order is for 589 vehicles beginning delivery in 2017 through 2024. A key element of the success Oxley has had in the defence market is the integration of the highest quality LEDs into the systems designed for military vehicles. That means industry-leading resistance to shock and vibration, heat sink technology, manufacturing to IP67/69K waterproofing, and CE marking to ensure they meet health and safety standards.

Group CEO Martin Blakstad commented: "We are delighted to be working with General Dynamics on SCOUT SV, which is a key part of the strategic development of UK armoured vehicle capabilities.

"We pride ourselves on setting the standards for LED technology in the defence sector and work with customers worldwide to deliver unparalleled quality."