June PR

NVIS Communications LLC, the Barrett Communications North American system integrator, won a $1.4 million dollar contract frp, the US Army Corps to provide 120 radio systems of various configurations to the Nepalese Army.

This contract was to be for both high frequency (HF) and very high frequency (VHF) equipment that would be utilised by the Nepal Army in disaster response and recovery and was a gift from the US State Department to the Country of Nepal.

The contract award included Barrett PRC-2090 HF Tactical Manpacks, PRC-2091 HF Mobile Vehicle systems, PRC-2081 VHF Tactical Manpacks and PRC-2082 VHF Tactical Mobile Vehicle systems, including accessories and a ten-day comprehensive training programme.

The delivery schedule was planned for the end of April 2015, with training to be conducted with the Nepalese Army in late summer 2015.

On the day, this order was due to be shipped from Barrett Communications factory in Perth, Australia, a Magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal causing significant widespread damage.

On hearing of the earthquake, Mr John Rosica, president of NVIS Communications LLC, contacted the US Army Corps to expedite the delivery into Nepal and to make arrangements to travel to Nepal to provide the ten-day training programme so the equipment could be utilised straight away.

This was coordinated with the Nepal Signals Directorate, the US Embassy in Nepal, the Barrett authorised Dealer in Nepal, Mr Sivendra KC, Managing Director of Icchu Mati International Pvt Ltd and Mr Rosica of NVIS Communications LLC.

The ten0day training programme began on Monday 18th May, with the theory part of the training, and when the shipment arrived, two days later, they were able to complete the comprehensive ‘hands-on’ training, including field instruction.

Mr Rosica said: "When we were awarded the contract, we had no idea of just how relevant the award of this contract would be.

"We are very pleased that we could assist on the ground in Nepal and are confident the Nepalese Signals Directorate are ready to put the equipment to use immediately."