PlaneOver the past 36 years, Barrett Communications has transformed from developing radios for the Australian aviation industry, to designing and manufacturing communications systems for clients in over 150 countries in the humanitarian, government and defence industries.

Every so often we are reminded of the humble start, as we were again recently when a Barrett F24, a single side band aircraft radio, arrived for a routine service.

The Barrett F24 was the first Barrett radio and was developed in 1982. This radio was developed to meet the then recently changed Australian Aviation Legislation which stipulated that single sideband radio communications was to be used within the aviation industry.

Barrett Communications stopped manufacturing the F24 in 1992, having sold over 600 units, but continued to provide support for the product.

This Barrett F24 is fitted into a 1967 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza; a fixed wing, retractable undercarriage, single engine piston aircraft owned by a local businessman in New South Wales, Australia.

Our senior service technician, John Stodart, said: "This radio has been around for over 25 years and is still in great condition. The aircraft is to undergo a Certificate of Airworthiness so field air sales and maintenance at Ballarat Airport, the owner’s service provider, sent the radio to us for a routine service, ensuring it continues to perform as designed.

"This radio has undergone lengthy periods of engine vibration and large variations in temperature. The condition and performance of this piece of equipment after 25 years is a testimony to the early design and manufacturing techniques used by Barrett Communications".