Following negotiations with Oxley Group’s Australian distributor Defcon Technologies Group, the Australian Department of Defence has chosen the Oxley DC Combi LED internal lighting unit to equip the Land 121 Project’s command modules.

Part of the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon acquisition, these will contribute to Project Land 121 (Overlander), which is a multi-phase programme to deliver 7,000 vehicles to the Australian Army.

The unique low-profile design of the DC Combi LED light provides critical advantages within the confines of the command module, while delivering white light plus an integrated blackout mode.

The G-Wagon built by Mercedes Benz in Austria has a modular payload system, which is built locally in Australia, including command post and ambulance variants.

DC Combi lights incorporate class-leading EMC characteristics, a key factor in choosing the units to equip modules containing powerful electronic equipment. The light has advanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), which prevents interference with other onboard equipment.

Excellent light quality from 32 white LEDs and 16 tactical mode LEDs together with the build standard of the driver board electronics provide long life and consistency in performance of the LEDs.

This is matched with rugged casing, which makes the Oxley DC Combi a ‘fit and forget’ option that outperforms any other comparable product. The extended working life, typically 50,000 hours, dramatically reduces replacement, maintenance, disposal and labour costs compared to existing lighting technology.

The DC Combi Series 1 light is qualified to EMC standard DEF-STAN 59-411 Land Class A and to Input Voltage standard DEF-STAN 61-5 PART 5.

The rugged, lightweight and versatile DC Combi was designed specifically for use in military vehicles and is also compatible for military field shelters, temporary work spaces and naval and marine area lighting.