Steyr Motors joins forces with Austrian shipyard OSWAG

After several successful projects with joint forces in the last years, the Austrian shipyard ÖSWAG Werft Linz and engine manufacturer STEYR MOTORS announced their official partnership, effective from June 2016.

Due to the shared business strategy and policy, as well as the well-matched capacities and skills of the companies, ÖSWAG Linz takes over the role as general agent for STEYR MOTORS’ marine products and spare parts in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

STEYR MOTORS is the specialist for diesel and diesel-electric solutions out of the earlier Steyr Daimler Puch group of companies. The company became independent in 2001 and since then achieved a worldwide reputation of being an expert in engineering and manufacturing of high-performance diesel engines, power systems and diesel-electric (hybrid) solutions.

The high-quality STEYR engines are designed for various applications at land and sea. In respect of marine applications, the company offers inboard propulsion systems for commercial and leisure boats. Outstanding durability, exceptional operational safety and a remarkable power-to-weight ratio characterise STEYR MOTORS’ products, making them a preferred choice for marine projects.

The ÖSWAG Werft Linz is the only shipyard for large vessels in Austria. It meets almost all requirements in inland waterway transport. The portfolio of ÖSWAG comprises construction, modification, after-sales service, maintenance and repair of riverboats on the river Danube and Central European lakes, as well as steel processing and made-to-order manufacturing.

The success of the shipyard is based on its location directly at the Danube, its more than 400 employees, the excellent infrastructure and the combination with the machinery and engineering expertise of its affiliated company ÖSWAG Maschinenbau.

In more than 170 years of history, the company has set more than 1,500 different boats afloat.

With the mutual long-standing expertise and the now joint forces, STEYR MOTORS and ÖSWAG further optimise the sales and service network for Austrian, Hungarian and Slovakian customers, as well as for dealers, shipyards and public authorities.

This cooperation combines skilled experts to even more powerful teams and therefore enables an even better market management in the future.