AT Communication is pleased to announce the release of Digital Voice option for the Envoy™ Software Defined, digital HF Transceiver system. The Envoy™Digital Voice option uses the latest powerful DSP and Vocoder technology to produce amazing voice clarity in the harshest of radio environments. Untrained operators will now overcome frustration common with analogue HF radios.

By adding to the advanced design techniques in the Envoy™, we have been able to deliver a radio that is even simpler to use by providing clearer voice communication in poor radio conditions. This noise free digital voice provides the dependency needed in mission critical environments not available with analogue radios. Your operators can now focus on the important messages rather than the technology.

Envoy™ already delivers the best possible analogue voice quality using:

  • Dynamic range compression for maximum power and range
  • Market leading receiver sensitivity ensuring reception of the weakest signals
  • Easitalk™ – Patented DSP based noise reduction algorithm which eliminates background noise such as hiss, pops an tones
  • Three different DSP options available for different conditions
  • High grade DSP based (128-bit equivalent) encryption available

The Digital Voice option takes this clarity to a whole new unparalleled level.