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Astra Microwave Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality radio frequency (RF) and microwave components and sub-systems. Astra Microwave Products is constantly seeking to improve its products and break new barriers in design.

L Band phase shifter

The L Band 6-bit digital phase shifter from Astra’s stable works in the frequency range of 1.1GHz to 1.5GHz and has already been integrated in many production designs of domestic and international radars. The phase shifters are found to be reliable even in stringent environment conditions and have satisfied the challenging engineering requirements of these systems. The 6-bit phase shifter features an excellent RMS phase error of 1.6 degrees with an insertion loss of 4dB and a spread of 1dB over the frequency range of operation. The L Band phase shifter has on-chip TTL drivers, compatible to the TTL levels for switching between the states.

Wideband digital attenuators: DC to Ku band

The MMIC portfolio of Astra caters to the attenuator needs of T/R control circuits by offering 6-Bit digital attenuators with an invariant phase over a wide frequency of operation. Among the existing attenuators, AMT2321014 covers the L & S Bands featuring RMS error as low as 0.25dB with a phase variation of less than 5 degrees over the 64 states. AMT2361011 works over the frequency from L to X band, featuring RMS errors less than 0.35dB with phase variation as low as 10deg over 64 states. These attenuators inherit the on-chip TTL drivers. Design and development of new attenuators that work till 40GHz is under progress.

Low noise amplifiers

The portfolio of low noise amplifiers is spread over the frequency range from L to Ka Band. Apart from low noise figures, they feature excellent VSWR over the entire frequency of operation, with respectable P1dB, and consume very low power. These LNAs can also be used as gain blocks by tuning the voltages and thereby facilitating the user to use the same amplifier for multiple applications.

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