Danish Artillery Regiment hosts the 2012 International Artillery Symposium 1st – 5th October in Varde. Systematic, one of this year’s sponsors, will be demonstrating its SitaWare suite of command and control software.

The Danish Armed Forces are currently using SitaWare both in the training environment and in operations in ISAF and in navy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

Symposium attendees will experience the flexibility of the SitaWare product suite, which will soon become the core of the fire support chain from Forward Observer and Forward Air Controller to Joint Fires Center. SitaWare enables the artillery user to see the relevant situational picture and to create targets, receive intelligence and point out targets with laser range finder and automatically share this with other users on the network.

Improving the speed and precision of shared situational data with own and allied forces is vital in minimizing the risk of blue-on-blue incidents during operations. Systematic over the coming years will continue its close cooperation with the artillery user community to extend SitaWare’s capabilities to provide full support for joint fire planning, coordination, targeting and observers on the same command and control platform.