thermo scientific

Argon Electronics continues to expand its CBRN training options with the release of the Thermo Scientific FH 40 G-SIM, a simulation instrument that exactly replicates the look, feel and functionality of the real FH 40 G digital survey meter. The FH 40 G-SIM is designed for safe and efficient CBRN/HazMat training, with its capability being extended further when used with Argon’s PlumeSIM system, which enables instructors to create highly realistic virtual exercises in the classroom as well as live field exercises.

Allowing instructors to teach best practise methods, the FH 40 G-SIM gives students the ability to use the instrument in exactly the same way as they would in a genuine emergency. The FH 40 G-SIM produces a realistic response readout and alarms, and responds to either a central Windows-based PC running PlumeSIM, or local area electronic sources that provide simulated gamma radionuclide emissions.

The FH 40 G-SIM can also be used to provide a practical understanding of the inverse square law, a vital concept for all CBRN professionals that describes how the intensity of measured radiation is proportional to the distance from its source.

Crucially, the FH 40 G-SIM adds convenience and flexibility to the provision of CBRN / HazMat training. It works on the same battery supply as the FH 40 G digital survey meter and requires no preventative maintenance or recalibration. In addition to this, the FH 40 G-SIM is compatible with other Argon dosimeters, survey/radiac meters and spectrometer simulators, permitting multi-detector, multi-isotope training during the same exercise.

Argon Electronics bid and product manager John Saunders said:"Thermo Scientific produces some of the most widely used and well regarded radiological detectors in the world. In the FH 40 G-SIM we have produced a simulator that is helping train and prepare CBRN professionals around the globe in a way proven to improve the performance of first responder personnel in the event of a real life disaster."

You can view a short video of the FH 40 G-SIM at