Earthquake communication in Nepal

During a natural disaster such as the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal on 25 April, communication infrastructure is often disrupted, and information is unable to get in or out of the affected region.

For people in the area, along with friends and family awaiting news of loved ones, news agencies often become the best place to turn for updates. Al Jazeera has been on-scene from the beginning, providing in-depth, up-to-the minute coverage and sharing the story of the earthquake and its survivors.

To compensate for the loss of infrastructure, Al Jazeera has turned to satellite uplinks for reliable and high bandwidth transfer of video and data to news stations worldwide. One team is stationed in Kathmandu near Mt. Everest, reporting on the difficult conditions that are hampering rescuers’ abilities to evacuate climbers from the mountain.

VISLINK is proud to support Al Jazeera in their efforts to provide critical information to those that need it most, following this tragic event.