In aeronautical structural engineering, aircraft manufacturer Airbus and technology group RUAG have announced to continue their proven partnership in the future. They have agreed new multi-year contracts with an extendable order volume of CHF85m/yr, and are thus bolstering the jobs of more than 600 staff in Germany and Switzerland.

RUAG produces all wing end-pieces for Airbus (wingtips, wing fences, winglets) as well as certain fuselage sections for the current civil aircraft in the Airbus families. Furthermore, RUAG has just taken on the function of a ‘quality gate’ for the complete international supply chain for components of Airbus fuselage sections.

Klaus Richter, executive vice president procurement at Airbus, says: “RUAG has been for many years an important partner of Airbus, with an extraordinary standard of quality. Now, we are extending the partnership with a quality gate. The Airbus supply chain reaches into many countries all over the world. With the quality gate, all fuselage section components will first of all come to RUAG in Oberpfaffenhofen, will be tested there and assembled, so that we can use them optimally.”

The durations of the contracts vary between three and six years, depending on the aircraft type. The total order volume amounts to around CHF85m/yr and is extendable. RUAG’s presence in Germany complements the group’s activities in Switzerland, and thereby benefits many other companies. The agreed contracts directly bolster the jobs of more than 600 RUAG staff – around 440 in Oberpfaffenhofen (Germany) and 180 in Emmen (Switzerland).

Since 2009, RUAG has followed a strategy of risk minimisation in aeronautical structural engineering; this has been through a focus on profitable specialist products and niche applications. The successful new deals with Airbus reflect this approach, and create the foundation for attaining profitability.