Systematic welcomes the news of the formation of an Anglo-French combined joint expeditionary force as announced by the British Prime Minister and French President at the beginning of November 2010.

In his statement, David Cameron said: “The force will stimulate greater interoperability and coherence in military doctrine, training and equipment requirements.”

Systematic’s interoperability experts are already working with the MOD to support to the UK’s involvement in the multilateral interoperability programme (MIP). This contract includes providing specialist advice to Exercise FLANDERS, a UK-French military exercise, planned for June 2011.

The exercise will test the effectiveness of a UK brigade and French brigade working as part of a French division. The full breadth of real C4I and ISTAR capabilities will be used to demonstrate national interoperability on contingent operations from 2011.

Systematic’s software will enable the British Army’s command and control systems to exchange data with France’s C2 system by providing a MIP Gateway.

Paul Fielding, business development manager for Systematic’s UK operation, said: “We are in a prime position to support the formation of a combined joint expeditionary force. With many years experience in solving interoperability challenges, we are very capable of enabling the British and French forces to share a semantically rich situational awareness picture through the use of national and international standards.”

Exercise FLANDRES follows-on from an earlier US-UK bilateral military exercise (‘Exercise TALON STRIKE’) in June 2010, where Systematic enabled interoperability of US and UK forces.

Over the past 8 years, Systematic has delivered its SitaWare™ commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products, IRISTM integration software and specialist advice to the MOD which has successfully enabled interoperability between the British Forces’ command and control systems and MIP-enabled coalition allies.