Keeping people and firefighters safe has to be the prime responsibility of the London Fire Brigade. One important aspect of today’s service is the use of reliable communications between mobile command centre and headquarters command control. The availability of data, instantly, ensures the efficient use of people and that the correct equipment is deployed, enabling the LFB to provide the best service possible.

Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas are pleased to have supplied the London Fire Brigade with antennas that have been mounted on the mobile Command Unit vehicles.

The antenna is a compact, rugged omni-directional, designed for mobile Cellular DAS operations. Tests carried out by the London Fire Brigade proved that the totally British-made antenna (EVD2-1920-2175-D1/1128) was suitable for their requirements, enabling them to achieve a stable connection at locations where they had previously been unable to do so. Two of these antennas were used on each vehicle as part of a Diversity solution attached to a mobile router.