Sital Technology, the world leader in Mil-Std-1553 IP cores and products, announces the availability of the world’s smallest Mil-Std-1553 bus controller component– Minuet™.

Minuet is a family of compact, standalone, Mil-Std-1553B protocol terminals, which includes bus controller (BC), remote terminal (RT) and monitor (MT). Depending on the configuration, Minuet can be configured as BC/RT+MT or RT+MT. Minuet is available in high-density packaging at 8mm square chip scale ball grid array (csBGA) or at 17mm square in 1mm pitch ftBGA packaging.

Minuet devices are software compatible to DDC® Enhanced MiniACE® components and architecture, with 8K or 16K words of internal memory.

A Minuet device is able to work in conjunction with any standard 1553 transceiver and transformer, or with Sital’s discrete transceiver. Combining the 8mm Minuet with National Hybrid™ Bus+™ products from API Technologies, offers the world’s smallest available complete solution for 1553. Sital and API Technologies will debut the solution from 3 to 4 June at the Military and Aerospace Electronics Forum in San Diego, California.

Each device can be configured for local bus or PCI interface, supporting PCI burst mode for very fast data transfer to and from the device. Operating clock frequency is flexible, with a wide range of frequencies selectable by writing to a register within the device. This eliminates long bus cycles and multiple clock domains on board, simplifying timing requirements and reducing EMI and RFI problems.

Minuet is available in several configurations:

  • BC/RT/MT or RT/MT with local bus interface
  • BC/RT/MT or RT/MT with PCI interface
  • 8K (csBGA, 8mm x 8mm package) or 16K (ftBGA, 17mm x 17mm package) words of internal memory

“We are delighted to release this device now,” said Ofer Hofman, Sital’s founder and CTO, “With Minuet we are able to provide the smallest and the lowest cost solution for 1553, which is compatible to DDC legacy interface,” he added.

Duli Yariv, Sital’s VP of sales and marketing said, “Our customers can now choose between a wide variety of components and IP core implementations to meet their performance and cost criteria. Minuet is the bridge between the proven legacy software developed in the past and the form-factor and flexibility that is required for the future.”

For more information, please visit the Sital Technology web site.