Last year SPINNER received a contract for the development of a 14-channel rotary joint slip ring assembly for the flight level radar (FLR) and delivered it as planned within one year. The overall Akash (CAR, FLR, WLR) is highly IT-integrated, i.e. the rotary joint must be highly integrated and compact to allow the mobile use of the radar system on vehicles. With 14 RF channels, a 154-way slip ring for the voltage and signal transmission and three 100Mb fast Ethernet channels, this rotary joint is very complex and one of the core components of the radar.

The FLR, a multifunction phased array radar group is the heart of the weapon system. The FLR can simultaneously track up to 64 targets and in addition guide eight missiles towards four targets. Electronically controlled antenna beams provide very fast switching between different functions of the radar. The radar has a swiveling antenna with a horizontal coverage of 360° and was equipped with modern electronic counter countermeasure (ECCM) functions.

One of the challenges for the SPINNER engineering team was the redevelopment of the power channel as the design called for a power rating of 75kW peak power without a pressurized waveguide system. This ensures that the radar can maintain optimum efficiency should there be a failure with the air compressor which normally provides 2.7 bar over pressure.

Additionally it was critical to ensure the integrity of the rotary joint/slip ring given the power going through it, the important factors were thermal expansion and safe heat dissipation without affecting performance. This was done by creating a new sophisticated solution with a virtuoso performance by our development and design team. The volume production of the other devices started immediately after the delivery of the first device to guarantee the fixed delivery dates.