Zarges, represented in Australia/NZ by Soanar, have announced the release of a new product range of heavy duty aluminium transport and storage containers.

The K473 series is an addition to the extensive range of the K470 program and is very appropriate for higher payloads, e.g. heavy machines, motors or equipment.
The K 473 is a rugged alternative and protects the equipment in complicated transport and environmental circumstances. There is an optimum relationship between the weight and the protective effect provided by the basic material aluminium.

Standard features of the K473 series aluminium transport containers are as follows:

  • Rugged design, suitable for high payloads
  • Lightweight aluminium material
  • Removable Lid, ingress protection IP 65 according to EN 60529
  • Lid with foamed seal all-round. Sturdy, generously dimensioned edge and base profile sections, high-strength positive jointing ensures permanent bonding between jacket and base metal
  • Profile-section joints fully welded
  • Beading all round and corner beads for additional dimensional stability
  • Fitted with the new ZARGES Comfort fasteners
  • Can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, spring anti-opening feature or a padlock (max. shackle thickness 6 mm)
  • Inner dimensions are the clear inner dimensions, no reduction due to the upper extrusion frame
  • Customized fabrication available, please contact us

Optional features:

  • Stacking corners made of cast aluminium optional. Cases with and without pallet substructure can be stacked
  • Aluminium pallet substructure
  • Hinged lid, two durable lid straps and foamed seal all-round (Ingress Protection IP 54)
  • Pressure relief valve with humidity indicator
  • All paint according to RAL colour registrar available