Calytrix Technologies, based in Canberra, Australia, has been selected as the prime contractor to deliver system support services (SSS) to the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) Joint Combined Training Capability (JCTC).

The JCTC is an important component of the ADF’s collective training capability. Originally established as Joint Project 2098, the project was to deliver an initial operating capability, and US proof of concept, in support of Exercise Talisman Sabre 2007 (TS07). Following its success on TS07 the JCTC continues to enhance its capability to provide the means for enhanced bilateral training using integrated live virtual constructive (LVC) simulation for joint and combined high-end collective training and mission rehearsal.

Calytrix has had a long involvement in the JCTC and has been providing technical services and LVC simulation support since its inception in 2005. This new contract will ensure Calytrix continues its leading role in supporting ADF collective training over the coming years. The SSS contract includes:

  • Program management (technical)
  • Network development and support (defence training and experimentation network – DTEN)
  • Simulation systems development, integration and support
  • Management and information systems (MIS) development and support
  • Program administration support.
  • Technical development and exercise surge support

Today the JCTC is a world leader in LVC training events and supports a wide range of exercises, delivering an extensive range of services including communications (VoIP, video, email), collaboration systems, simulations (constructive and virtual systems, UAVs) and integrated live assets which are all connected over the ADF’s DTEN wide area network. Calytrix will continue to assist the JCTC deliver LVC effects to each of the mission rehearsal exercises, major single service exercises and coalition exercises like Talisman Sabre.

Steve Salmon, Calytrix training systems principal said, “We are delighted to again be appointed as the prime contractor for the delivery of the JCTC SSS. The JCTC is a key enabler in support of ADF collective training. Calytrix looks forward to supporting the JCTC deliver integrated Joint Live, Virtual and Constructive systems as part of ADF training. We remain excited about being part of a highly sophisticated organisation delivering leading edge technologies in support of the ADF warfighter.”