BAE Systems has received a $120 million contract to equip up to 400 US Air Force ground vehicles with improved voice and data communications. These capabilities will enable air force tactical air controllers to advise ground commanders and coordinate aircraft operations. The program is a component of the air force’s tactical air control party modernization (TACP-M) program.

Under the contract, BAE Systems will design, produce, and install the TACP-M’s vehicular communications system (VCS) and has designated Tactical Command Industries’ Liberator III headset and the headset system for this program.

“BAE Systems understands the critical need for improved tactical air control communications as a core capability for our air, sea, and land forces,” said Ted Wright, acting president of the BAE’s Technology Solutions & Services business area in Rockville, Maryland. “Our long history of supporting air force missions will ensure that air controllers will have a superior communications system that provides the best close-air-support available.”

The VCS will provide mobile voice and data communications for air force tactical air control parties to operate effectively throughout the battle space. TACPs advise ground commanders and staff on aerospace power capabilities and assist in planning close-air-support operations using vehicle-mounted communications systems, man-pack radios, and digital communications devices.

Use of different communications systems by ground-force units and among a variety of aircraft and command and control nodes requires that the VCS support multiple waveforms and data protocols. Faster and more accurate mission execution is an increasing priority amid growing battlefield data operations. TCI’s Liberator III headsets augment the capabilities of VCS and incorporate high-performance digital hearing protection, situational awareness enhancement and multi-comm functionality for TACP’s using VCS.

“We are very excited to support the TACP mission to an even greater level through our strategic partnership with BAE Systems for the TACP-M program. The need for this kind of equipment and capabilities will enable a great fighting force to be that much better, even more capable,” according to Don Medine, president of TCI. “Working with the professionals at BAE Systems has been exceptional and I have no doubt our companies are aligned in this endeavor to make our forces as effective as possible in battle space.”

Sources: BAE Systems and Tactical Command Industries.