Colibrys has confirmed launching the IRIS™ accelerometer family, the world’s best open-loop MEMS accelerometer, to displace traditional vibrating quartz and electromechanical solutions.

MEMS establishes new competition for historical high-end motion sensors, as typically offered by Honeywell, by pushing the boundaries of its performances and offering higher robustness at reduced cost in safety-critical and harsh environment applications.

The first product released based on IRIS technology is RS9010.A. This ±10g sensor, specifically designed for attitude heading and reference systems (AHRS) and mid-accuracy navigation application, offers an order of magnitude improvement over existing leading MEMS technology and now seriously competes with traditional vibrating quartz and electromechanical solutions.

The product uses an open-loop electronic interface specifically designed for long-term stability. The enhanced
sensor design provides an overall composite repeatability of bias better than 1.5mg (17) for ±10g and a scale factor repeatability of 500ppm (17). The vibration rectification coefficient is 150µg/g².

Soheil Habibi, business development manager for Colibrys inertial sensors, said: “RS9010 will enable the AHRS designers to obtain excellent performance at reduced cost while benefiting from the inherently rugged MEMS sensor, which open new application opportunities and simplifies sensor handling during the manufacturing process.

“IRIS is a big step forward in realising our vision to commercialise µg stability accelerometers with high shock resistance and high operating temperature, displacing the established vibrating quartz and electromechanical solutions. We believe that in the near future, we will have µg stability accelerometers and high-stability gyros based on MEMS technology, enabling a wide range of existing and new applications in the defence and aerospace markets.”

The new accelerometer RS9010 will be presented at Sensor and Test in Nuremberg from 26 May to 28 May (booth 12-428) and at Sensors Expo in Rosemont, IL, US, from 8 June to 10 June (booth 1104).