Delicate technology doesn’t respond well to abuse; computers,
photo and video gear, LCDs and projectors – if you work with
these regularly, you already know this. During transport,
though, abuse comes standard: Rough handling, impact, harsh
climate, extreme temperatures – these are all part of the territory,
and can quickly reduce valuable gear to scrap. And when your
equipment is vital to your success, damage to it can be a disaster.

Once again, Hardigg Cases has you covered. Hardigg’s
award-winning Storm Case line is welcoming a new case to the
family: the iM2875. Bridging the gap between the groundbreaking 27XX and 29XX cases, the iM2875 is designed to protect sensitive equipment from the worst the world has to offer. Measuring in at 572mm L x 536mm W x 290mm D – and constructed of Hardigg’s virtually indestructible HPX resin – the iM2875 ensures that delicate photography gear, CPUs, laptops, LCD panels, monitors, printers, and projectors survive any transport situation undamaged. Inside, multi-layered cubed foam holds case contents firmly in place, and can be easily modified to fit specific pieces. For specific requirements, available padded dividers or custom-cut foam keep sensitive components separate, stable, and secure.

Like the rest of the Storm Case line, the iM2875 features Hardigg’s unique press & pull latches, which open easily when you want yet hold fast when you need—even under severe impact. The permanently attached Vortex valve automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water or dust; an available manual pressure relief valve can replace the Vortex, rendering the iM2875 completely airtight. For extra security, the case features six unbreakable latches and two molded-in lock hasps. High-strength handles and in-line polyurethane wheels provide easy, quiet transport, while durable soft-grip handles with rigid cores make the cases comfortable to carry.