Winnenden – Following an invitation from Kärcher, deputy army-chief-of-staff, Lieutenant General G¨nter Weiler, paid a visit to Kärcher together with Lieutenant Colonel Holger Draber and Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Schmidt. Welcomed by the managing director and management spokesman of Alfred Kärcher, Hartmut Jenner, the officers took the opportunity to assure themselves of the high quality of Kärcher products and started by visiting the Kärcher high-cleaner production.

In the basic studies laboratory of the Development Centre, the three guests took a look through the electron microscope and recognised high-performance activated carbon fibres which are a firm part of the Safeguard™ 3002-A1 NBC protective suit. After a visit to the world’s largest proving-ground for sweeping machines, the Kärcher Futuretech product programme was presented.


One of the main focuses was the trailer-mounted systems for mobile water purification and catering, as well as the sanitary trailer (field camp systems). All these trailers are components of the highly-mobile field camp 150 system.


At the premises of Kärcher Futuretech, the three high-ranking officers gained an insight into the inner workings of the water bottling plant 700, a water filling station which is capable of filling up to 15,000L of drinking water per day in the field.


Particular interest was shown in the light decontamination equipment for personnel, a new product in the range of NBC protection systems. This equipment is a system consisting of three modules. Using the module for the decontamination of persons, 100 soldiers can shower within three hours after an attack involving NBC weapons. The module for the decontamination of personal equipment is able to clean the personal equipment of the soldiers within the same period of time.

The third module is foreseen for the transport of water and especially suitable for missions of special operation divisions in the framework of rapid operations. The individual modules can be transported on the ESK (Mungo 2), as well as in the CH 53 transport helicopter. Lieutenant General Weiler and his companions took a last look at the first serial systems, which left the premises of Kärcher Futuretech shortly afterwards and have been handed over to the federal German armed forces.