Projections of the UAV market are growing as rapidly as the imaginations capability to figure out newer applications. Keeping in view the Past Global Trends are visited it will be observed the sales in the coming two decades is expected to be whooping trillions of dollars.

In 2007, MKU decided with its vision to be a global defense solutions provider it could not ignore the significance of the UAV segment to its growth plans.

After considerable deliberations, in the latter half of 2007, MKU took the strategic decision to penetrate the UAV sector notwithstanding the presence of almost every large defense company in this field.

Dynamism and ingenuity coupled with far sighted vision, MKU in a short span of barely 8-9 months has been successful in developing two products which can compare with the best in the world.

“Having attained a prominent global position or perhaps no1 in the Ballistic Protection market, we have entered fast growing UAV market where we have just launched 2 solutions, TERP and Erasmus but we are geared to catch up with the industry and command a sizeable market share,” said Mr Anurag Gupta Jt. MD, MKU, at launch of TERP in February 2008 during DEFEXPO, INDIA.

The TERP or Tactical Reconnaissance Electrical Probe is an all composite, backpack-able UAV System that requires no tools for assembly. It is ideally suited for frontline operations and provides enhanced Tactical Situational Awareness. The system is designed to play a key role in military, paramilitary and civilian deployments.

The ERASMUS UAVS is a high performance tactical / strategic UAVS designed for frontline operations. The system is transported in 2 ruggedized containers and requires 45 minutes for assembly or disassembly. The system is equipped with an Image Exploitation System which enables ERASMUS to track or target objects based on a visual image reference.

MKU shall be exhibiting at ILA, Berlin Airshow, from 27th May-1st June 2008 with their cutting edge UAV Solutions.

Apart from ,UAVs MKU has recently ventured into development of high performance drones designed for various Air Defense Target Applications. The drone offers several flight profiles including steep climbs and dives.

Further, for Eurosatory-2008, Paris, MKU is aiming to unveil its entire gamut of UAVS solutions and disclose its future plans.