As 2007 drew to a close, December saw the award of further contracts to IVECO defence vehicles for its successful Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV). These compliment the company’s already burgeoning order book for these highly mobile, well protected vehicles.

After a demanding tendering process involving a number of international competitors, the Spanish Ministry of Defence ordered an initial batch of 40 units of LMV against an urgent operational requirement. The first ten units will be delivered by December ’07.
This programme is part of a much larger procurement which will see a total of more than 400 units enter service with the Spanish army in coming years.

Reflecting the modularity and flexibility of the base vehicle’s design, the Spanish variant has mineworthy seating for five crew, with a focus on anti-tank mine protection. Unlike the standard variant, permanent ballistic protection is fitted in place of the removable modular system provided for the standard vehicle.

The Norwegian NDLD has also contracted 35 LMV for delivery in the first half of 2008. This is a follow on to 25 LMV which are already in-service with the Norwegian Army. The new vehicles will be equipped with an enhanced electrical system and a newly developed roof to mount the Protector Remote Controlled Weapon Station made by Kongsberg.

The Czech Military Police have procured four LMV with mine and ballistic protection for deployment in early 2008, of which two will be configured with the Protector RCWS. The Italian DGAT has also finalised the contract for 16 casualty evacuation units based on a new version of the LMV with a short cab and long wheelbase. These vehicles provide anti-tank and ballistic protection for the crew, with protection also provided for the rear compartment. Deliveries will be made by December 2008.

The Italian Carabinieri has recently placed an initial order of four LMV in the same configuration as the 1200 units currently under delivery for the Italian Army. The LMV also forms the base vehicle for the Panther Command and Liaison Vehicle procured by the UK Ministry of Defence through BAE Systems. A total of 401 units have been ordered to date, of which the first 100 units have already been delivered.

Deliveries of LMV are currently underway to the Belgium Ministry of Defence which has so far ordered a total of 440 units.