Systematic is fully prepared to help the British Forces following the cuts announced in the UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

Outlining his step change in defence policy, Mr Cameron said: “We are also absolutely determined that the MOD will become much more commercially hard-headed in future and adopt a much more aggressive drive for efficiencies.”

While the cuts required to plug the £38b funding gap may leave many in the industry uncertain about the impact upon their businesses, Systematic fully understands the UK’s need for greater efficiency, particularly within defence procurement, and is ready to support Mr Cameron’s vision for spending reform.

For many years Systematic has anticipated shrinking defence budgets, and this has been the driving factor behind the company’s business model.

Responding to the SDSR, president and CEO of Systematic, Michael Holm, said: “We appreciate the difficulties facing Mr Cameron’s new government to reduce public spending. We have found that many of our customers around the world face similar challenges. This is why we have invested considerable time and effort in producing reliable and scalable software solutions which are easy to procure, fulfil all core requirements and are rapidly deployable.”
He went on to say: “Gone are the days where nations need to spend two to five years developing their own systems and, of course, the key benefit of off-the-shelf solutions are shared development and maintenance costs.”

Each day, thousands of people depend on Systematic’s products and solutions for help in making critical decisions. Our products and solutions are being used operationally in the defence, intelligence and national security sectors for situational awareness, messaging, surveillance, prevention, analysis, threat assessment and crisis handling.