Tactical Command Industries (TCI), a leading tactical communication headset manufacturer in the US, has announced two new capabilities of its website to support warfighters and tactical professional around the globe.

According to company president, Don Medine, “Our new website design came online in February and the amount of positive feedback and traffic has been amazing.” Mr Medine further stated, “Our website now has two new enhancements I think will be well received. The first is a robust ecommerce capability with military-grade data security and the second is seamless language translation powered by Google Translate. In my view, these enhancements will ultimately enable us to better-serve customers around the world. Google Translate is currently capable of translating 52 global languages instantantaneously.”

TCI was founded in 1996 by real-world tactical operators and in 1998 was one of the first companies in its industry to integrate ecommerce capability on the Internet. TCI remains a leader in this regard using website techologies to enable customers to literally configure TCI products online according to their specific requirements and complete secure purchases.

Mr Medine added, “There is no doubt TCI is a very unique company in terms of our perspectives on service, innovation, capabiliies and business ethics. It all starts with a service-above-self mindset in the company and I think customers will recognise and appreciate that.”