AT Communication is please to announce the new enhanced tactical intercom system. The Tactical Intercom System is made up of six main modules that provide the building blocks to a scalable system. The six modules are:

  • Base unit
  • Master control unit
  • Radio access unit
  • Intercom user unit
  • Personal wireless communicator
  • Power supply unit

The modules can be configured in a variety of flexible configurations to provide solutions for a wide variety of mobile intercom requirements, for example military, emergency services, humanitarian aid and paramilitary.

Using military grade design principles the modules are built to withstand the harshest conditions found in tracked artillery vehicles and due to the compact design are equally deployable in smaller emergency support vehicles.

The system can be deployed as a fixed wired solution or as a combination of wired and wireless system to provide dismounted crew communications back to the host platform.

Wireless communication is protected using high-grade encryption and ECCM. The system can interface with tactical radio transceivers to provide longer haul communications from the mobile platform. The advanced system architecture allows direct control of the transceivers providing installation flexibility where the radios do not need to be in direct reach of the operators.

Due to the scalability of the system it can accommodate between two and 20 users that are wired in to the platform with a further expansion to four wireless users with control for up to four tactical radio transceivers. Advanced radio functionality is able to be remote controlled via the easy to use display and menu system that is compatible with night vision systems.

Key features of the AT tactical intercom system

  • Scalable between two and 24 users depending on module configuration
  • Support for advanced remote control of up to four tactical radio transceivers from most vendors with data interface
  • Full duplex communication for wired and personal wireless communicator intercom stations and semi-duplex for tactical radio transceivers
  • Compact military grade design, easy to maintain with familiar user interface
  • User-friendly user interface similar to mobile phones
  • Night vision goggle (NVG) compatible display
  • Radio frequency suppression circuitry to reduce effects of high-power radio transmissions
  • Compatible with most helmet / headset / throat microphone and earpiece combinations
  • Wireless personal communicator has a range of visual and audible indicators for battery, range limit, signal strength
  • Covert mode
  • Secure communication using high-grade encryption and ECCM techniques

The AT Communication tactical intercom system is one of the most advanced configurable systems available for defence users, offering a combination of wired / wireless and advanced transceiver remote control capability. Enquiries are welcome from end user organisations such as defence, emergency services, paramilitary and humanitarian aid, radio transceiver manufacturers, vehicular platform manufacturers, systems integrators and dealer representatives.