For the second time since 2007, Kaercher Futuretech has participated at the “Brunei Darussalam International Defence Exhibition and Forum” (BRIDEX), presenting solutions in the area of mobile water purification, field camp systems and NBC protection systems. Kaercher Futuretech attended the BRIDEX Exhibition in August 2009 where they displayed various products from their wide product range. The focus was on the following three categories which had been already established with a significant market presence on the Australasian continent.

Mobile water purification

The Australia Defence Forces have been purifying their water with the KAERCHER Futuretech Waterclean range since 2000, following a peacekeeping mission in the South East Asian state of East Timor. After completing their mission in East Timor, the Waterclean 1600G systems were returned to Australia and have since been handed over to the Australian Air Force. The water bottling Plant 700 and the Water packaging System 1600 are also in popular demand.

Recent disasters in South East Asia have shown that a sufficient supply of clean drinking water is of paramount importance. When potable water supplies are cut off due to a catastrophe or terrorist attack, the impact on the people and animals that depend upon it can be catastrophic. In cases such as these, the KAERCHER Futuretech WTC 500 RO drinking water purification system can aid in the provision of drinking water, thus saving lives. The system has the exact dimensions of a Euro pallet and a weight of less than 200kg including all parts needed for operation. Such a compact unit produces up to 15,000l drinking water per day – even from sea water. This is sufficient to supply up to 1,500 people per day with clean, safe drinking water. During the recent tsunami, KAERCHER technicians were on site in the area of Banda Aceh to put donated systems into operation together with their partners, and to train the task forces on site so that they can use the systems efficiently. The systems could be transported to the needy on site without any special measures using the smallest vehicles or helicopters.

In the Maldives, the systems were mounted on boats. This way, it was possible to take the water directly from the sea close to every island in order to produce drinking water, and the task forces were able to supply the numerous small islands effectively with potable water.

Field camp systems: mobile field unit

Products from KAERCHER Futuretech such as the field laundry (TFL), sanitary trailer (TRST) and a specially configured modular kitchen (MFK) were introduced in the “Singapore Armed Forces” (SAF) five years ago, and there are plans to procure new systems in the near future.

NBC-protection systems:

In the last few months, an increased demand for high-performance decontamination systems has been noticed. The Oman Sultanate’s Ministry of Defence have ordered two systems of DECOCONTAIN which will be transported on MAN carrier vehicles (6×6). The DECOCONTAIN 3000 GDS is used for the simultaneous decontamination of vehicles, persons, equipment and road sections, and stands out due to its compact design and immediate readiness for operation. In addition, Oman’s armed forces will dispose of a defence stock of decontamination agents. Here, they rely on a new family of highly effective NBC decontamination agents: the nuclear RDS 2000 decontamination agent, the BDS 2000 biological decontaminant agent system, and the non-aqueous GDS 2000 decontamination agent are their first choice.

Dirk Waldow, Kaercher Futuretech Area Sales Manager for the Asian-Pacific region, welcomed major delegations from Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The manager noted also a high interest from the Sultanate of Brunei. “Many quality meetings with high-rank delegations at a very professional exhibition,” Dirk Waldow returned home with a lot of new contacts for further business.