The FN Fire Control Unit: First Round Hits. On Target. Every Time.

Successful target engagement with 40mm LV tube-launched grenades requires precise range estimation to the target and launch at the exact elevation angle, while keeping correct azimuth aiming.

With the FN Fire Control Unit (FN FCU), the shooter can now rely on a light, compact and easily used device to significantly maximize first-round hit probability.

The FN FCU consists of:

  • A laser range finder (LRF), which calculates the distance between the shooter and the target
  • A clinometer, which measures the difference in elevation/depression between the target and the shooter
  • A ballistic computer, which calculates the angle of launch required
  • A moving red reticle sight, which gives the correct aiming point
  • A weapon cant indicator, which indicates when weapon realignment is required

Two models are available: the FN FCU-850N and the FN FCU-1.5M. Both offer similar aiming/firing capabilities and benefits, with the FN FCU-1.5M featuring a laser range finder undetectable with Night Vision Goggles.

The deFNder™ Medium Remote Weapon Station: Identify and Engage the Threat. Protect the Operator.

The deFNder™ Medium is the latest addition to the FN family of remote weapon stations. It has been designed to fulfill the force protection mission through fire support and self-defense when mounted onto light, medium and heavy vehicles. The deFNder™ Medium provides the best ratio depression/elevation range [-42°; +73°] (depending on weapon type) versus height (633mm). The deFNder™ Medium is the only remote weapon station capable of integrating the exclusive FN Herstal M3P machine gun, which has a unique firing rate of 1,100 rounds per minute.

A number of deFNder™ Medium and deFNder™ Light remote weapon stations will be showcased on different light 4×4 armored vehicles and heavier 8×8 armored vehicles during IDEX 2011.