Last week, Hotzone Solutions (HZS) signed a partnership agreement with Utilis, a French company specialising in quick assembly shelters and NRBC decontamination technologies.

Since 1997, Utilis has been designing shelters and civilian and military decontamination solutions. Their products range from shelters, field camps and decontamination units to colpro, hospitals, hangars and containers. With ISO 9001, Utilis has been recognised worldwide. Hotzone Solutions is pleased to be able to count them within its partners’ network.

Hotzone Solutions has met with Utilis for the first time during IDEX (Feb 2011). Only a few weeks after the event, our first partnership with them was signed.

The partnership agreement consists of the loan of decontamination equipment that HZS will use in a live environment during its live agent training. This new opportunity will also allow HZS to increase its training capabilities and services.

HZS management is looking forward to working with Utilis and developing this promising new partnership.