Glenair, distributed in ANZ by SOANAR, offers the “Mighty Mouse” Series 805 circular connector with the ease of triple-start ACME threading and upgraded EMI protection and vibration resistance in a miniaturised package.

The new expanded “Mighty Mouse” product line provides rugged performance in soldier systems and other applications that require the performance of D38999 in a smaller package. These connectors can be found in dozens of safety-critical defense and high-reliability medical and industrial applications.

The Series 805 connector was developed to provide several performance enhancements compared to other “Mighty Mouse” versions. A ratchet mechanism in the coupling nut prevents de-mating under severe vibration. EMI performance is improved with a serpentine ground spring on the plug barrel. This gold plated beryllium copper spring assures low shell-to-shell resistance. Shielding effectiveness exceeds 60dB through 15GHz.

The Series 805, although larger than other Series 80 versions, gives size savings of up to 39% and saving on weight compared to MIL-DTL-38999 connectors with no compromise in performance.

Various insert arrangements are available, from single pole at 23A to 130 pole at 5A. A selection of mixed layouts are also offered.

A full range of backshells and accessories are available, as well as custom overmoulded cable assemblies.