Lex Products announces the certification of the PowerFLEX™ line of portable feeder cable assemblies by CSA International, a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL), making PowerFLEX cam-type cable assemblies certified to both USA and Canadian electrical industry standards. Lex is proud to be the first to offer portable feeder cable assemblies certified in North America.

“We invest heavily in the certification of our products,” says Lex president Mike Scala. “Offering certified products to Lex customers is fundamental to our business. A top priority is ensuring that Lex’s products are safe and comply will all relevant safety standards. The entire team at Lex Products very pleased to be the first and only company to offer certified feeder cable assemblies.”

To obtain certification of PowerFLEX feeder cable assemblies, Lex worked closely with CSA International, a fully accredited OSHA testing, inspection and certification organisation. PowerFLEX feeder cables’ CSA c/us certification mark indicates that the products have been tested to both United States and Canadian industry standards. Jurisdictional authorities require electrical products to be tested to applicable safety standards.

Lex Products typically uses UL as the test NRTL for product listings and certifications. The UL testing covers Canada and the US, as indicated by the mark. However UL does not have a testing program in place for feeder cable assemblies, while such a program is in place at CSA. Therefore, Lex used CSA as the NRTL for the USA and Canada, as indicated on the label. The certification is recognised in both countries.